Saturday, July 30, 2011

Heston's Feasts - The Ultimate 80s Toastie

Continuing from yesterday’s post, here is the rest of the toastie segment from “Heston’s 1980s feast.” It is a shame that the giant Breville did not make an appearance :(

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Like many children of the early 80s, I grew up with toasted sandwiches. When the cupboard was bare, or mum was having a hectic day, out came the toastie maker. Egg toasties, smothered in tomato sauce. Om nom nom… Ouch! If you did not burn your mouth, you were not doing it right.

To this day, I have friends whom I would describe as “Toastie Monsters.” Some 30 odd years later and they are still enjoying the same flavoured toasties they ate as kids. When these monsters left home, they took their childhood toastie makers with them, frayed power cords and all.

When I eventually left home, one of the first appliances I brought was a toasted sandwich maker. Unlike my “toastie monster” friends, my childhood toastie maker went out with a bang and puff of smoke when my mum trapped the power chord between the grill plates *sob*

I am sure there are monsters out there who are wondering why I would bother to create an entire blog, when there is only ONE true toastie recipe. In the name of all things curious, my aim is to seek out, document and digest as many different toastie recipes as possible.

I encourage you all to make and rate the recipes in this blog. Feel free to leave a comment, but please do refrain from starting a religious war between the “ham & cheese” and the “baked bean & cheese” factions.

I hope that this blog will inspire people who have lost their way to dust off their toasted sandwich/jaffle makers, or encourage newcomers to educate themselves in the way of the toastie.

With crumbs,



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