Friday, September 30, 2011

Pizza - Satay Chicken

September is a funny month we can have days of clear skies and sunshine followed by bucket loads of rain and hail. Rainy days are my favourite day for toasted sandwiches. The warm gooey fillings washed down with a nice cup of tea are a sure way to warm and fill a cold empty tummy.

On days like this, I also enjoy the look of envy on my workmate’s faces as they stand by the front door waiting for a break in the rain, so that they may run down to the deli for some lunch.

Today was a great day to unleash my satay chicken pizza toastie. Apparently, the smell of the satay sauce wafting down the corridor was “wicked cruel.” Ahh dear bachelor, if you had thought ahead you too would be kicking back with a warm and tasty treat watching people play Russian Roulette with the skies.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pizza - BBQ Chicken & Bacon

If you enjoyed the BBQ Meat Lover pizza, odds are you will be a fan of today’s toasted pizza sandwich: BBQ Chicken & Bacon. I had thought about leaving the bacon out of this recipe, but as a friend of mine says, “everything tastes better with bacon.” Never was a truer word spoken. Bacon does enhance the flavour of this toastie.

While we are on the subject of flavour, I feel it is worth mentioning that the chicken used in this recipe came from a pre-cooked BBQ chicken that I brought from my local supermarket. I love these chickens: they are convenient (perfect for bachelor cooking), there is enough meat for a couple of meals, and the meat tastes delicious.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pizza - Margarita

This is an excellent toastie for teasing colleagues. As soon as you open the lid of the toasted sandwich maker, the aroma of cheese and mixed herbs escapes. This has to be one of the most fragrant toasties I have made so far.

I am enjoying pizza toastie month, especially when the smell of my lunch drives one of my colleagues to order pizza for lunch!

Mission accomplished!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Impromptu Toastie - Garlic Cheesy Bready

With all this talk of pizza, one cannot help but notice a serious lack of garlic bread!

To overcome my need for garlic, today’s impromptu toastis is my experimental garlic cheesy bread! Why add cheese, you ask? There had to be something to the middle, otherwise it would not be a toastie!

The important thing to remember when making this is not to smother the outside of the bread with too much buttery garlic goodness. If you add too much, the bread will become soggy.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pizza - BBQ Meat Lover

Today is my colleague's birthday. To celebrate, we will make meat lover toasties. Meat, meat and more meat. Happy Birthday!

Whilst I adore Hot & Spicy, I do appreciate a good BBQ Meat Lover. The smell and taste of this toastie takes me back to a trip to Sydney I made with my sister. We arrived tired and hungry in the early hours of the morning. My first meal in Sydney was a slice of BBQ Meat Lover pizza that I purchased from a dodgy corner shop.

My second meal, was also BBQ Meat Lover pizza. I thought ahead to breakfast and brought two slices :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pizza - Hot & Spicy

Hot & Spicy is my favourite pizza. It was my late night/early morning pizza of choice whilst I was studying: hot pizza and Coke for dinner, cold pizza and flat Coke for breakfast. Just the smell of this pizza cooking in the toastie maker brings back memories.

Today, I have decided to deviate from the norm and use a jaffle maker instead of my standard toasted sandwich maker. I must admit the single pocket of the jaffle maker did make it feel like I was eating a slice of pizza.

What are your favourite pizza toppings?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pizza - Veggie

Another day, another lunchtime toastie. People often remark how they love the smell of a cooking toastie. It does not matter what is inside, there is something about the smell of toasted bread, which makes people drool.

When it comes to weekday lunchtime drool-ability, microwaved pizza, must be in the top 10. Today, I am going to take it one-step further.

Meet the ultimate tease... pizza toasties!

My workmates are going to hate me!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Theme: Pizza Fillings

Om nom nom baked bean
(and cheese) toasties
The tinned filling challenge was easy, too easy. We learned that we could eat tinned toasty fillings for a couple of months without having to repeat a flavour. If one were to become tired of eating tinned tuna, chicken, spaghetti, or filling your toastie full of tinned stew-like meals, what else would your typical bachelor eat?

To continue our bachelor theme, we will be looking at another typical food, pizza. Where would we be without pizza?

I would have gone hungry many a late university evening, and early morning, if it were not for the grumpy delivery boy who wandered aimlessly across campus trying to figure out where the computing block was.

This month, I will be trying to replicate take-away pizza recipes in toastie form. I will be drawing inspiration from my local take-away pizza chains: Dominos, Eagle Boys, Pizza Hut. The ultimate test for these toasties will be whether they are still edible in the morning.

I wonder what would happen if you took two slices of pizza and put them in a toastie maker…..

Toastie Monsters, please note, I did not mention baked bean toasties in the list of meals we could become tired of eating. Whilst I appreciate that it is a universally known fact that no one could ever tire of eating baked bean toasies, it would not be in our best nutritional interests it was our only source of food.


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