Monday, February 13, 2012

Bacon - Bacon, Avocado, Tomato & Cheese

The start of this month was a bit hit or miss. The bacon, avocado & lime toasted sandwich was a bit ordinary. I wanted to re-visit bacon and avocado to do it properly.

Today’s toasted sandwich was the welcome return to awesome that I was hoping for. It was nom-sational. Cheese and avocado are a brilliant combination as is the tried and tested pairing of bacon and tomato. When you make this toastie (and I highly recommend that you do so) do not forget to add a little bit of salt and pepper. Personally, I find that avocado needs a little bit of seasoning to make it sing.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Bacon - Bacon, Creamed Corn & Cheese

Are you a fan of creamed corn? I must admit I have not had a lot of experience with it. It never entered my mind to try a can until I decided to make a simple chicken and sweet corn soup. For some reason I expected it to be gluggy and taste artificial. To my surprise, it tasted like smooshed sweet corn, not gluggy or ‘creamy’ at all.

Unfortunately, my soup did not happen and I am sitting here with a tin of creamed corn, wondering what to do with it. I started to search for creamed corn recipes. Apart from the obvious soup recipes, I spotted a couple of search results relating to toasted sandwiches. The majority of these were creamed corn and ham.

Seeing as ham and bacon come from the same animal, today’s toasted sandwich is creamed corn and bacon. I do not want to repeat the disappointment of last week, so I have added some cheddar cheese and spring onions. I must admit, cheese and creamed corn is a wonderful combination and bacon is always fabulous. I was quite pleased with how this toastie came out.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bacon - Bacon, Avocado & Lime

I had such high hopes for this toastie, but alas it let me down. I do not remember where the inspiration came from, perhaps I dreamed it up whilst browsing through guacamole recipes. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad toastie by any means, it is just missing something. On reflection, I feel I should have added some tomato or spring onions to give it a bit more texture and add to the flavour.

I am very pleased with the combination of avocado and lime. It is definitely refreshing and would be tasty as a base for a mousse served with prawns. If you decide to make this toastie please let me know what you added to make it taste more complete.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Theme: Bacon

Since making the Elvis sandwich, I have come to realise that cooking bacon in the microwave is a great way to tease your colleague’s noses. I received more than a few comments regarding the kitchen smelling like bacon and the effect that it had on their appetites!

What is it about bacon that makes it so special? Is it the taste, the texture, or its versatility? While I was growing up, I do not ever remember ever meeting someone who was obsessed with bacon. These days, bacon is an internet phenomenon. You can buy bacon t-shirts, bacon flavoured candy, bacon novelties, bacon soap. The list goes on and on, whatever you can think of, I am sure someone has ‘baconized’ it.

To honour bacon, and tease my colleagues further, every recipe posted this month contain bacon and preferably lots of it!

As a friend of mine once said, ‘hail bacon, the definitive meat condiment, the candy of meat, the ultimate in sensory stimulation!’

Tell me, what do you love about bacon?


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