Thursday, August 2, 2012

Toastie Party - Creamed Corn With Jalapeños Relish

This toastie is just magical. To be honest I am at a loss for words to describe it. The lovely, yet occasionally bland combination of egg and creamed corn is brought to life by the tartness of the jalapeños relish. Or is it the other way around? Either way, I definitely recommend that you try this.

Inspiration for this toastie came from a Gourmet Traveller recipe – Poached eggs with creamed corn and green chilli relish. It did not take much to adapt this recipe for a toasted sandwich. It is exactly the kind of thing that I am looking to put on a toastie party menu. The addition of the relish makes me think of this as more as a cocktail party appetiser than a toastie. Brilliant!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Theme: A Toastie Party

Bacon, creamed corn and cheese
White chocolate, raspberry and
ricotta cheese
BBQ Meat Lovers Pizza
We were dining with our foodie friends Jo and Markus one night. Jo and I were talking in the kitchen, when I mentioned this blog. I was amazed to hear that Jo is a lover of toasties. Perhaps it was the wine or one of those wacky things you think of when it is late at night, but how unique would it be to host a toastie party.

I can see it now, a stack of old 80s movies, and a toastie maker sizzling away in the background.

Flipping back through the toastie recipes posted so far, there are some standout favourites suitable for such an occasion:
  • Gourmet tuna toastie with baby tomatoes and Tabasco sauce;
  • Tuna with lemon mayonnaise;
  • BBQ meal lover pizza;
  • Bacon, creamed corn and cheese; and, 
  • White chocolate, raspberry, and ricotta 

In order to be successful, we need a few more recipes. This month is dedicated to fabulous looking toasties, which taste great too! If you were to host a toastie party, what would you serve?


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