Thursday, September 1, 2011

Theme: Pizza Fillings

Om nom nom baked bean
(and cheese) toasties
The tinned filling challenge was easy, too easy. We learned that we could eat tinned toasty fillings for a couple of months without having to repeat a flavour. If one were to become tired of eating tinned tuna, chicken, spaghetti, or filling your toastie full of tinned stew-like meals, what else would your typical bachelor eat?

To continue our bachelor theme, we will be looking at another typical food, pizza. Where would we be without pizza?

I would have gone hungry many a late university evening, and early morning, if it were not for the grumpy delivery boy who wandered aimlessly across campus trying to figure out where the computing block was.

This month, I will be trying to replicate take-away pizza recipes in toastie form. I will be drawing inspiration from my local take-away pizza chains: Dominos, Eagle Boys, Pizza Hut. The ultimate test for these toasties will be whether they are still edible in the morning.

I wonder what would happen if you took two slices of pizza and put them in a toastie maker…..

Toastie Monsters, please note, I did not mention baked bean toasties in the list of meals we could become tired of eating. Whilst I appreciate that it is a universally known fact that no one could ever tire of eating baked bean toasies, it would not be in our best nutritional interests it was our only source of food.

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