Monday, August 1, 2011

Introducing Monthly Themes

A couple of obvious suggestions
for tinned toastie fillings.
To make things a bit more interesting, I will be posting toastie recipes based upon a monthly theme. These themes will range from broad categories such as breakfast and desert fillings, to holiday themes, or restricting the ingredients used.

Like many children of my generation, toasties were one of the first things I learned how to “cook” successfully and unsupervised. The idea for this blog originally came from conversations with a bachelor friend of mine. He never learned how to cook despite all of the encouragement, gifts of cookbooks, and friendly heckling we gave him. Surprisingly, he said he made himself a toastie for lunch on the weekend.

In honour of my friends ‘cooking’, we will begin our monthly themes with bachelor fillings. Seeing, as this is such a broad theme, we will narrow it down to “bachelor toastie fillings from a can.”

I am hoping this blog will encourage him to expand his cooking skills and begin to explore new ingredients and flavour combinations.

If you have any ideas for monthly themes, please leave a comment. Feel free to make them as hard as possible.

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