Thursday, December 1, 2011

Theme: Christmas Leftovers

Each year, I like to create an edible
centerpiece for my boyfriend’s family
Christmas get together.
So long November, welcome December! December is my favourite month of the year, not only is it a break from tuna toasties, but there is plenty of occasions to celebrate: Christmas, New Year and my birthday! This is going to be a very busy month. The period leading up to Christmas is always the busiest.

This is the time of the year when I become most active in the kitchen. Christmas time is all about cookies and chocolates, both of which I enjoy making (especially centerpieces for my boyfriends family Christmas gathering). Unfortunately, every day cooking falls by the wayside and I must admit we end up eating more than a few toasties. Thankfully, Christmas time provides a large and varied array of potential toasted sandwich fillings.

What a tasty toastie month this will be! Bring on the Christmas inspired toasties!

I wish you all safe and happy holidays!


  1. How about a Thanksgiving leftover toastie of dijon, turkey, cheese and cranberry sauce. It was yummy!

  2. ooooh that sounds delicious. I will try that, thankyou!



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