Saturday, October 1, 2011

Theme: No Cooking Required

BBQ Meat Lover Pizza
Wow, what a busy month, September has flown buy. Too much time spent chasing around after the house we are building and not enough time spent making toasties.

What can I say about September’s theme besides “om nom nom, nom nom?” I really enjoyed this month’s pizza themed toasted sandwiches. My favourite recipes would have to be the BBQ Meat Lover, closely followed by the BBQ Chicken & Bacon. Third place goes to Hot & Spicy.

According to our resident bachelor, these toasties were “too much like cooking.” I find this a bit confusing. Did I use too many ingredients? Was it the pre cooking of the bacon?

Whatever it was, we will take a small step back this month and create toastie recipes that do not require any pre-cooking of ingredients or uses too many ingredients. We shall call this month’s theme “No Cooking Required,” however in reality it is "really simple bachelor toasties that do not require any cooking techniques other than mixing and chopping."

Let the noms begin,

Darkbyte xx

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